IMG_3025Dear friends,

Exciting news!

I’m very pleased to inform you of a major change in the life of our community. Beginning on the first Sunday of October (10/4), we will enjoy the hospitality of the people and pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, located at 888 King Street (the corner of King and Huger). Our Ordinariate Mass will be at 9.00AM (Sacred Heart’s Mass is at 11.15AM). One benefit of this move is that it will allow us join forces with our brothers and sisters at Sacred Heart for Sunday School following our Mass. Sacred Heart is a beautiful church, and the pastor, Fr. Dennis Willey, has extended a very warm welcome to us.

In preparation for this move, I invite you to join me Wednesday, 16 September, at 6.30PM at Sacred Heart. This will allow me to “introduce” the church to you, cover some logistical details (parking, etc.) and to answer any questions you may have. We will also pray Compline together before dismissing.

Through the month of September we will continue to offer Mass at our regular time at St Mary’s. All of us, of course, are deeply grateful to the people of St. Mary’s and Msgr Brovey for their generous hospitality these past two years. Now we begin a new season together as we follow God’s call to us.

Faithfully in Christ,
Fr. Allen